10 Ways Of How To Stop Door From Slamming? Follow These Simple Ways!


Are you worried that the door will close on your dog’s tail or your kid’s hands? Occasionally experiencing your door slam straight into your face when you don’t expect it can be very frustrating. It might be a daily problem, but you have no idea how to resolve it. How to stop door from slamming? This small article will give you a detailed idea of how you can get rid of the door slamming.

You do not need to spend a lot of time repairing your door, with a few tips and techniques that I will reveal to you, your problem will be solved in very little time. 

When you have a child or a teenager at home, slamming doors can be a real problem. Unfortunately, even if no one is attempting to slam the door, it may slam due to the way the wind blows through all the homes.

It is simple to control a teenager’s anger, but it is more challenging to manage an angry customer at work. Here are 10 simple ways to prevent slamming doors in the workplace or home. They will protect the structural performance of your door and prevent the harsh, shocking knock of a slamming door.

How To Stop Door From Slamming

How to stop door from slamming?

1. Install anti-slamming door hinges:

The door slams as nothing can control how fast it moves. When you visit large showrooms, you will notice that their doors close slowly, making it impossible to slam. This is because the door hinges are anti-slam. If you’re looking for a quick fix to prevent your doors from slamming, place anti-slam door hinges.

Anti-slam door hinges create zero noise and are assured to function. In some cases, however, you may simply have defective hinges. You only need to adjust a few screws to get started. Before purchasing anti-slam door hinges, thoroughly check the hinges to make sure that they are tight so that you do not waste time fixing them.

It’s not as difficult as you might think to replace hinges with anti-slam hinges. You are not required to remove the entire door. First, remove the upper hinge. Remove the old hinge, check the level, and then screw the anti-slam hinge in place. Rep the procedure for the center and the bottom hinge. After you’ve changed all of the hinges, your door should be fully prepared and shouldn’t slam on its own once more.

anti-slamming door hinges

2. Place an automatic door closure:

Door closers are probably the most effective approach to these methods, and they are sure to assist you to overcome any door-slamming issues.

If anti-slam door hinges haven’t worked, try a door closure. It may appear to be a stretch, but it is required. Pneumatic door closers are huge baskets containing pistons attached to a metal handle. Due to the air inside the piston, no matter how strong the wind comes or how hard the door is pushed, the door will still shut slowly.

automatic door closure

3. Make use of a Doorstop:

This is the most simple solution for slamming doors. Purchase a doorstop, which can be made of rubber or wood. They are available at any hardware store. A doorstop will prevent your door from closing by itself.

use of a Doorstop

4. Magnetic Door Stop:

Whenever the door is magnetically bonded to the doorstop, it prevents the door from slamming shut due to wind. It works since the strong magnet prevents the door from closing due to high winds. You can attach it to the ground or the wall; any other location will serve.

Magnetic Door Stop

5. Install a door-silencing device:

A door silencer is a fantastic and inexpensive anti-door slam item. A door silencer is most likely something you’ve seen on large steel doors somewhere within school buildings and hospitals. This is a small chunk of hard rubber substance molded to a flat circular at the end with a conned form overall.

6. Weather Stripping:

A weatherstrip will keep the door from slamming and also help reduce noise sound from the adjacent room after you shut it. 

Implementing rubber weather stripping on the frame of the door will not prevent the door from slamming shut, but it will reduce the impact and thus the noise.

Simply open the door, clean the frames, and then implement the sticky rubber foam weather stripping, which is available at every hardware shop.

Weather Stripping

7. Finger Pinch Protector:

This is the most basic and easy anti-slam door equipment to use. This product is commonly sold as a baby pinch guard, but it also functions well as a doorstop.

The tiny C-shaped foam is placed between the door and the door frame. The pinch guard keeps doors from slamming shut in the wind.

This is easily installed by placing the finger pinch 6″ from the outside of the door. You can hang it on the door handle when not in use.

Finger Pinch Protector

8. Use a cushion.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you must be creative. You should get a cushioned door closer and attach it to the clamp of the door to keep it from pushing loudly. 

A door cushion prevents the door from slamming and also reduces noise. You could also close your doors while the cushion is attached, much like pinch guards.

9. Make use of a strong rubber band:

Another low-cost, do-it-yourself option for keeping your doors from slamming is a rubber band. Tie a rubber band around the handles and transfer it to the opposite side. When installing, make sure the rubber band is connected to the up and down, and folds all the way all around the door. It simply does not work if you don’t perform it properly.

The objective of employing a rubber band is to provide a barrier to keep the door from slamming into the frame. It does not completely eliminate slamming, but it does reduce the impact and loud noises.

10. Add felt pads to the door:

Attaching felt pads to the bottom of a door is a simple and low-cost way to keep the door from slamming shut. Felt pads are small, round discs made of a soft, compressible material like felt. 

They are simple to attach to the bottom of a door with adhesive or screws. When the door is closed, the felt pads compress and provide a cushion, absorbing the impact and reducing the amount of noise made when the door slams shut. 

How to stop door from slamming? Wrap up:

There are several ways to prevent a door from slamming, including:

  • Installing a door closer
  • Adjusting the hinges on the door
  • Installing a door sweep or draft stopper
  • Using doorstops or wedge-shaped devices
  • Adding a magnetic or spring-loaded door holder
  • Installing self-adhesive foam weatherstripping around the door frame

All these methods will depend on the type of door, the cause of the slamming, and the desired level of effectiveness in preventing slamming.

I hope now you get the answer to your question “how to stop door from slamming?”. If you have any other ideas don’t forget to comment below.

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